Google Ads

Google Ads can be one of the most effective ways to attract customers to your business. So, can you cover the Google Ads costs?

In this guide, we’ll go over the process of starting a Google Ads PPC campaign so you can elevate your digital marketing initiatives in a surprisingly affordable way. Below you can find the related topics in order.

Define Your Google Ads Goal

If you have an e-commerce website, your first goal is to make sales and increase your revenue. If you are in the service industry, your first goal is to obtain leads directly from your website or application. Whatever your goal is, two things need to be clear: your crucial conversion metric and the value of each conversion.

For e-commerce, your metric is the value of the order at checkout. However, the service industry must assign a value to each interaction type. For example, a detailed report may be worth $20 to download (get lead) and $100 to complete a form.

Here we will focus on the example of a customer’s garden furniture e-commerce in the UK, but what we will focus on here can also be applied to other service industries.

Identify Your Three Critical Business Metrics

You must grasp the three most important metrics in any Google Ads campaign to track your success. (1) Average Order Value, (2) Profit Margin, and (3) Conversion Rate.

The metrics in our garden furniture shop example are: To begin with, we first need to determine an approximate budget. Let’s take our primary keyword, “garden furniture,” and you can find it with any keyword planner; we will use semrush in this example.

This will show us the average monthly search volume (search volume), average cost per click (CPC) and competition levels.

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